Adapt, Empower & Grow your practice!

Adapt, Empower & Grow your practice!

Adapt, Empower & Grow your practice!Adapt, Empower & Grow your practice!Adapt, Empower & Grow your practice!

We Offer Exclusive True Own Occupation Disability!


  • DI PROTECTION JUST FOR PHYSICIANS: GAME CHANGER DI! Our true own-occupation definition of total disability makes it possible for you to work in another occupation and still be eligible for total disability benefits. if you are a physician who has limited your occupation to the performance of the duties of a single medical specialty, we consider that specialty to be your occupation. 

  • Advanced Income Planning in Retirement: Tax Free Retirement, Large Tax deductions which utilizes current IRS tax codes; Solo 401k, Traditional & Roth 401k, Simple IRA, SEP IRA, Cash Balance Plans and Key Executive plans strictly for the physicians/clinicians via our parent company FIG Wealth Advisors. Click on the picture for more information about FIG Wealth and our advanced income planning. 

  • Plan Ahead & Protect Your Retirement Strategy Protection Disability insurance program designed to replace retirement contributions during a period of disability. While eligible for benefits, a monthly benefit insuring up to 100% of retirement contributions, including any employer- matching contributions, will be paid into a trust established by you. Eligible contribution plans include: 401(k), 403(b), and 457 plans; Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs and Keogh plans; Employee stock ownership plans; profit sharing plans; and other DC plans may also be eligible.

  • The Physicians & Surgeons High Limit Disability Plan was developed to meet the needs of high-income earners. The Plan is designed to supplement the existing disability coverage or provide the entire 65% benefit if the client is unable to obtain any underlying insurance. Benefits payable are tax free. Up to $25,000 per month of individual disability benefits payable for 5 years and up to $2 million of lump sum benefits. Higher limits available depending on number of participants. 

  • INCOME PROTECTION FOR STUDENT LOAN OBLIGATIONS: Professionals like you can start their careers with significant student loan debt. But are your student loans protected? If you became too sick or injured to work, how would that debt get repaid? The effects of a disability early in your career — when student loan balances are at their highest — could have long lasting consequences. Our supplemental student loan protection reimburses you for student loans payments — no matter how many you have, or how many institutions they’re with. 

  • We focus on non-traditional group healthcare plans that includes Level Funded, Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC), Medical Cost Sharing Plans (MCS) and Direct Primary Care (DPC) Unlimited offered exclusively via CAG. These plans are typically 40-70% less than traditional plans and we have them available for our employers and our clinicians. 

  • Exclusive access to the largest Direct Primary Care (DPC) Network in the country which gives our Independent Clinicians access to 10,000+ employees to provide primary care. 

  • Softwave therapy for pain management and Regeneration and Reparative processes of the bones, tendons and other soft tissues is available to use for our clinicians through our partner company.

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